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Modern storage is plenty fast, but the APIs are bad Io_uring and eBPF Will Revolutionize Programming in Linux The Pasta King Trusted Us Music Production on Guix System Reconstructing the sound of WW1 artillery from counter-battery ranging systems Parse, Don’t Type-Check The cost of fixed-line broadband in 206 countries Things I Don’t Know as of 2018 I launched a paid community in one month TrueVault (YC W14) is hiring a UX/UI Designer for a new product Spatial Computing Could Be the Next Big Thing PHP 8 An ex-Googler’s guide to dev tools Show HN: React Native template for open source identity provider Ory Kratos Show HN: Forexbook – Automated trading journal that syncs with Metatrader A hint of new physics in polarized radiation from the early universe Writing well Show HN: Weird JSON superset with BigInt, Infinity, TypedArray etc Mozilla/web-ext: A command line tool to help build, run, and test web extensions Java is better than C++ for high speed trading systems Technical phone screen superforecasters Your brain runs your body using something like a budget Show HN: Xrepo – A modern cross-platform C/C++ package manager Players to sue for hundreds of millions over use of their statistics I spent eleven years working on this Line Rider track For the first time in Europe, registrations for EVs overtook diesel Magic mushrooms are changing the lives of terminal cancer patients Ubuntu successfully virtualized on M1 Show HN: Quake III Arena, K3s and a Raspberry Pi Show HN: Find info about the developers who post projects on Show HN

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Dark Mode Coming to GitHub After 7 Years PHP 8.0.0 Released Finnish citizen initiative to use only open source software in public offices for cost efficiency and security Modern storage is plenty fast. It is the APIs that are bad. We Rewrote Everything in $HOTLANG, and our Startup Still Failed Modern Mercurial (from Mercurial developers) Love the problem, not the solution Parse, don’t type-check The Unix Command Language by Ken Thompson (1976) We are a group of portuguese students developing an app which will compose a melody for any given lyrics according to their sentiment and metric. The app is not out yet but by following us on social media you'll be updated once it is! evio: epoll/kqueue-based async networking for Go The Hackathon Circlejerk An ex-Googler's guide to dev tools A couple hungarian university students made a better (and open source) school register app than the company which got 3,5M+ USD state funding just for developing the k12 school log system. I use it daily and it's way better. And Test, Test, and Test Some More Rebuilding the Racket Compiler with Chez Scheme JWT Signing Algorithms Mozilla/web-ext: A command line tool to help build, run, and test web extensions Directives in Angular - a short overview Automate NGINX Unit with Ansible I made a simple QR generator as I couldn't find one online :) 10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Front-End Project Source App ID and Conversion Value now available in SKAdNetwork 2.0 - News How to ship even faster with test automation In this webinar, Aleksi Simell - Senior Consultant at Eficode - and Nils Balkow-Tychsen - QA Lead at Humanitec - will talk about their experience with test automation and how to convince others (e.g., engineers, managers). MDN-Dox... a simple chrome extension for quickly searching the MDN documentation

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Neues Schutzrecht: Bundestag macht Weg fürs EU-Einheitspatent frei Raumfahrt: Zu wenige Bodenschätze auf dem Mond - Warnung vor Konflikten Notebook-Prozessoren: Ryzen 7 5800U und 5700U im Geekbench Linux mit KDE-Fokus: KaOS 2020.11 veröffentlicht Kurz informiert: Staatstrojaner, Cyberangriffe, Zukunftspreis, Amazon SAP drängt seine Partner zur Cloud KPMG-Sonderprüfer: Wirecard hat uns Steine in den Weg gelegt PHP 8 ist da und läutet die nächste Generation der Skriptsprache ein heise+ | Gaming-Grafikkarten: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, 3080 und 3090 im Vergleich TechStage | Black Friday Week: Die besten Audio-Deals für Kopfhörer und Lautsprecher Synology: Kritische Lücken aus Disk Station Manager und Safe Access beseitigt software-architektur.tv, Folge 27: Architekturoptionen für moderne Web-Frontends heise-Angebot: Blazor-5.0-Crashkurs: Single-Page-Web-Apps mit .NET und C# entwickeln Verbraucherschützer: Langlebige Smartphones und Laptops sparen viel Geld und CO2 Rockchip RK3588: Mehr Rechenkraft für Einplatinencomputer & Chromebooks Patentstreit zwischen Nokia und Daimler geht zum EuGH WTF: Utahs rätselhafter Monolith: Canyon in Google Earth gefunden, Urheber unbekannt ASRock Mars 4000U: 26 mm flacher Mini-PC mit AMD-Ryzen-Achtkerner Apple verlagert angeblich weitere Teile der Fertigung von China nach Vietnam heise+ | Linux-Shell für iPhone und iPad: iSH Shell für Entwickler und Admins TechStage | Smartphone Realme 7 im Test: 90 Hertz zum Sparpreis Flight Simulator: Volle und kostenlose VR-Unterstützung vor Weihnachten Britische Sicherheitsbehörde warnt vor Angriffen auf MobileIron-Schwachstelle Salesforce interessiert sich für Slack Kommentar: Mehr Reichweite für E-Flieger heise-Angebot: Neues iX-Developer-Sonderheft "Machine Learning" am Kiosk erhältlich Jetzt Passwörter ändern! Liste mit 50.000 Log-in-Daten für Fortinet-VPNs geleakt Bitcoinkurs: Jäher Rücksetzer statt neues Allzeithoch

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread Comcast Got $1 Billion in Public Subsidies. Now Its Charging the Public New Data Fees. Tesla Model X hacked with $195 Raspberry Pi based board - Embedded.com Comcast Expands Costly and Pointless Broadband Caps During a Pandemic - Comcast’s monthly usage caps serve no technical purpose, existing only to exploit customers stuck in uncompetitive broadband markets. People Can’t Vacuum Or Use Their Doorbell Because Amazon’s Cloud Servers Are Down France will become the first country to label electronic devices with repairability tags Microsoft productivity score feature criticised as workplace surveillance You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk Facebook pays Russia 4,000,000 rubles ($50K) fine for refusing to move Russian users’ data to Russia-based servers Amazon and Apple 'not playing their part' in tackling electronic waste S. Korea fines Facebook 6.7 bln won for sharing users' info without consent Comcast to raise internet and TV prices nationwide next year Deadline for TikTok sale slips again; may never happen - 9to5Mac Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly applied to become a citizen of Cyprus Google Workspace on iOS can now edit Microsoft Office files US Fertility says patient data was stolen in a ransomware attack Europe vows to tame US data giants in multifaceted law reforms Telcos behaving very, very badly indeed - Telstra's been tricking indigenous customers into taking out prohibitively expensive contracts - while China Mobile's in trouble for trying to tie a woman into an 833 year contract. Facebook fined $6.1 million in South Korea for sharing user data without consent Why Social Media Became the Perfect Incubator for Hoaxes and Misinformation Big Oil And Big Tech Are Spending Billions On Renewable Energy EU votes to support people fixing phones and computers Exclusive: Foxconn to shift some Apple production to Vietnam to minimise China risk Russia should look again at terms of ISS participation - space industry official South Korean watchdog fines Facebook $6.1 million for sharing user info without consent

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AMA announcement: EU-FOSSA 2 team of the European Commission, Thurs 28 Nov, 4 pm CET A couple hungarian university students made a better (and open source) school register app than the company which got 3,5M+ USD state funding just for developing the k12 school log system. Awesome Open-Source Sustainability Tech Angular Directives - an overview Mozilla/web-ext: A command line tool to help build, run, and test web extensions Blender 2.91 New Features I'm thankful for GitHub, Patreon, and my sponsors this year Self-hosted, minimalist "Visited Places" map Apache OpenMeetings – Video chat, messaging, white board, doc editing and more Open source- 3d printable Cat feeder design react based app to automatically generate resume and website from yaml profile In need of developers and programmers who will write an app or software to support the WatermarkitML .wmkit file extension. WatermarkitML is a configuration file for storing copyright/copyleft or licensing info. I will make my best effort to reply to all comments. Can open firmware be installed on Huawei EchoLife HS8145V router? Open Source Design - community of designers & devs working to improve open-source UX & design What's your favorite place to read a project documentation? Tahoma2D (animation software based on OpenToonz) Database about use and development of open-source software I would like to participate in an open source project, I don't know how. Websu: Lighthouse-aaS / HTTP API for website performance testing JSVerbalExpressions Is it unfair or problematic to start a recruitment campaign to get unpaid contributors if the project itself has hired and paid staff? Java Verbal Expressions Next.js Commerce store, one-click deploy to Netlify Threat Intel tool IntelOwl v1.9.0 released Looking for a Journal programm Live streaming LibreOffice bug triaging (Wed, 25 Nov 2020, 18:00 UTC)

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Announcement: r/security is now closed down and will be re-launched soon. Please use r/cybersecurity for all cybersecurity topics. Detailed audit of Voatz' voting app confirms security flaws Ongoing DDoS attacks against ISPs? Cyber threats abusing COVID-19 collected to a database to spread awareness. Firefox to remove support for the FTP protocol Cnd vs pnd. Which one is the best for Network security? Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread The U.S. wants smartphone location data. Reject the anti-encrytpion bill. They are trying to destroy privacy while everyone is distracted with coronavirus! EFF made this easy tool so you can tell your senators. Code Scanning Solution - SAST - Scanmycode.today - free for Open Source Projects bitcoin@mail.tg to recover encrypted PC. My friend's bank got hacked and she needs help. LDAPFragger: Bypassing network restrictions using LDAP attributes Petition to try and halt the EARN IT ACT Encrypting communication on top of Facebook messenger etc The EARN IT Act Is the New FOSTA Hey all. I started a YouTube channel a short while ago with instructional videos for learning penetration testing/ethical hacking. Hopefully some of you will find them informative. Spam calls render landline useless. Paranoid Shield (password manager) Security In 5: Episode 705 - It Is Time For Multi-Factor Authentication To Shine Windows Warning Alert Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The GUI Domain What are the most cleaver way used by famous Malwares to exfiltrate data without being traceable back ? Cloud Database Leak Exposes 425GB of Financial Data Endpoint detection and response. Learn about EDR and securing your endpoints. Hardening Ubuntu 18 Laptop. What should I do differently?

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Week of November 22, 2020 'All Space Questions' thread We have a Discord server now! Took a picture of a sunspot bigger than planet Earth today. SpaceX rocket launches for record 7th time, nails landing at sea in 100th Falcon 9 mission MOXIE: NASA's Experimental Device Designed to Generate Oxygen on Mars Phosphorus and fluorine have been discovered in solid dust particles collected from a comet. This is the first time life-necessary CHNOPS elements are found in solid cometary matter and indicates that all the most important elements necessary for life may have been delivered to Earth by comets. Chang’e-5 ignited and launched to Moon. Probably going to be removed but, I'm doing a cosplay that's space based, where could I get a custom NASA civilian astronaut name badge that doesn't cost a lot and is in the UK A point about Space Yachts This shows the transformation of the California Nebula from a single exposure to the final 9 hour image. [Sound on!] Rocket Lab's Electron Second Stage Separation And Ignition Live Chat from the ISS with Victor Glover - December 3, 2020 via Facebook Live on the National Air and Space Museum Facebook page Amazed astronaut In SpaceX Capsule Shoots Video Of Our Planet Will space mining be viable in near future? Fundamental Biological Features of Spaceflight: Advancing the Field to Enable Deep-Space Exploration What would happened to the Milkyway and Earth; If the central black hole (Sagittarius A*) was replaced by a larger black hole Space has a funny way of making us feel infinitesimal. Because it is so large, I always feel like we’re on the precipice of some astronomical discovery. Tell me a space fact to make me feel even smaller! Revisiting Apollo landing site(s)? Can you imagine the culinary explosion if we found an edible plant in space? Question: Does anyone know what slice of our universe is this Cosmic Web part of? Deep dive podcast history on Virgin Galactic (origins from the winning X Prize team, how it was able to IPO last year, when ordinary people will ACTUALLY go to space on it, etc) SpaceX targeting next week for Starship’s first high-altitude test flight Considerations for the future of spaceflight experiments (Cell Reports Journal)

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - November 24, 2020 What Are You Playing Thread - November 24, 2020 CD Projekt Red reported a modest rise in revenue for the third calendar quarter Xbox head Phil Spencer says console tribalism is ‘one of the worst things about our industry’ After 5+ Months and over 500+ hours of work, my game has a release date on Steam! December 10th 2020 - 15% Discount at launch Greedfall has sold a million copies world wide, will be getting new content Marvel's Avengers Hasn't Recouped Its Development Costs Yet Wolcen Chronicle I: Bloodtrail - Coming Soon 50 Years of Gaming History, by Revenue Stream (1970-2020) VR Guide 2021 [2kliksphilip] Iron Harvest - New Game Mode, Updates, DLC News and Much More! After 8 long years I made the biggest jump I could've. NEKOPARA Vol. 4 is now out A Wake Inn | VR | Announcement Trailer Steam Autumn Sale is now Live Newegg refusing to provide a refund for lost package Xbox chief reveals more about how developers earn money through Game Pass Co-op RTS, DwarfHeim Introduces Ranked Matchmaking in Latest Update! Assassin's Creed Valhalla update fixes levitating dogs, crows falling from the sky Dark Light, Steam Gift card giveaway and name a weapon for me! Manual Samuel - Anniversary Edition Available Now (Free update for owners of the original game) Black Mesa: Definitive Edition The Final Major Update for Black Mesa Super Catboy - Announcement Trailer I made a stock notification discord service for the New GPUs! Japanese Survival Horror Game "Yuoni" - Announcement Trailer (Spring 2021) Cuphead DLC: The Delicious Last Course delayed to 2021 Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy – Prologue trailer

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Application open to join the r/Formula1 Editorial Team Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 26 November 2020 [OT] Throwback to when Maradona visited Senna's grave Kevin Magnussen set to race Ganassi Cadillac in 2021 IMSA season When Michael Schumacher Runs Out Of Champagne And His Brother Is On The Podium Too Perez will take sabbatical from racing if he doesn't get Red Bull seat Russell admits "element of frustration" at not being able to race Leclerc and Verstappen [RaceFans] Lewis Hamilton asked about Franz Tost's view F1 drivers should accept salary caps of $10 million and be happy to drive the cars: "Who said that?" "Franz Tost." "Who's that?" "Er... team principal of AlphaTauri." "Oh..." [Red Bull Racing] We are pleased to announce that @Alex_Albon has joined the Wings for Life family as an official Ambassador for the Spinal Cord Research Foundation Lando's 2020 Bahrain GP Helmet [Stern] @SchumacherMick, the son of Formula 1 legend Michael @Schumacher, is expected to drive for Gene Haas' @HaasF1Team next year, with an announcement coming soon, per @Gazzetta_IT and @RacingLines. Steiner admits there was "big chance" Haas wouldn't survive 2020 [OT] How does Lewis Hamilton always manage to bypass this rule to bring Roscoe to the paddock? Bernd Mayländer drifting the Safety Car around Bahrain International Circuit [RaceFans] Robert Kubica will drive Kimi Raikkonen's car in the first practice session for the BahrainGP tomorrow. [F1-Insider.com] Sainz about having only 3 test days with Ferrari 2021: "It could be an option to test with a 2 year old Ferrari to get comfortable with the steering wheel and so on. Once I will come to Ferrari there will be a lot of thinkings of how I will come to the first race best prepared." Haas drivers say rookie replacements will find car accessible but "slow" Lando Norris’s Bahrain helmet Lewis Hamilton hailed as ‘game changer’ at GQ Men Of The Year Awards Ricciardo determined to resolve ‘unfinished business’ for Renault in Bahrain after 2019 double-DNF Formula One faces charge of aiding sportwashing by racing in Bahrain [F1 Media] The FIA, Formula 1 and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing can confirm that during mandatory pre-race PCR testing for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley tested positive for COVID-19.

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How old, ambient Japanese music became a smash hit on YouTube What we’re binging: TV, films, and streams that bring comfort in a weird year How one developer is sneaking emulators through a hole in the Xbox Store Lord of the Rings, Hobbit 4K Blu-ray sets: Must-own home-theater stunners Saving Notre Dame chronicles effort to rebuild France’s famous cathedral Insert Coin, the arcade documentary worth feeding all your quarters into How to turn your Xbox Series X/S into an emulation powerhouse The Animaniacs reboot, reviewed: Zany is harder to pull off in 2020 Review: Synchronic is a time-bending slow burn of a sci-fi thriller Xbox Series X/S vs. PlayStation 5: Our launch-month verdict One hell of a send-off: Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 wraps a stylish board game series College undergrads find hidden text on medieval manuscript via UV imaging Lost “Sega VR” game unearthed, made playable on modern VR headsets Challenge accepted: Inventing a plausible far-flung future for ST: Discovery S3 Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland are hunted on distant planet in Chaos Walking trailer Stadia game streaming will come to iOS via Web browser Wonder Woman 1984 will reach theaters, HBO Max the same day: December 25 AMD Radeon RX 6800, 6800XT review: The 1440p GPU beasts you’ve been craving Pokémon Go raises its level cap for the first time in over four years Zack Snyder drops B&W updated version of trailer for Justice League miniseries