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It used to be simpler to teach Unix VkFFT – Vulkan Fast Fourier Transform Library foo@bar.com Picat 3.0 released (logic-based multi-paradigm programming language) Sum-of-Three-Cubes Problem Solved for ‘Stubborn’ Number 33 Universal Split Screen Apple’s use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 14 Show HN: Keyboard Simulator – virtual keyboard designer Investigating TLS Blocking in India Sectorforth: A 16-bit x86 Forth that fits in a boot sector Hotel Guest in Thailand Jailed for Defamation After Posting Bad Online Reviews Coinbase is a mission focused company Show HN: bbox-visualizer – Make drawing and labeling bounding boxes easy as cake Show HN: Life Calendar – Your Life in Weeks Nuclear power: Are we too anxious about the risks of radiation? Hardcaml: An OCaml library for designing hardware Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance Hercule Poirot turns 100: The strange case of the Belgian detective Automatic layout algorithms compute layouts for diagrams Caramel: an Erlang back end for OCaml New Google ChromeOS updates cause 100% CPU usage, heating issues Law Firms Pay Supreme Court Clerks $400k Bonuses. What Are They Buying? Mastering PostgreSQL Administration [pdf] Book of Revelation: On the power of the written word in the Middle Ages Simplicity and Ecosystems Ask HN: How to learn sales? Before you ship a “security mitigation” PilBox – Building Android Apps in PicoLisp (2019) Adequate Vitamin D Levels Cuts Risk of Dying from Covid-19 in Half, Study Finds United States vs. Dread Pirate Roberts (Silk Road) FBI Report (2013) [pdf]

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TechStage | Bestenliste Sportuhren: Top-10 der Multisportuhren TechStage | Die besten smarten Video Türklingeln zum Nachrüsten Vorschlag für DSGVO-konformes Whois umstritten NetSat: Formationsflüge im All heise+ | Strom vs. Sprit: Wer fährt günstiger – VW e-Up oder Up? China "rettet" die Autobauer – Keine neuen Verbrenner mehr nach 2035? Jetzt patchen! AgeLocker Ransomware hat es auf Qnap NAS abgesehen Wikipedia: Website bekommt überabeitetes Design Sicherheitsupdates: Trend Micros Apex One ist löchrig Calibre 5.0.1: E-Book-Verwaltung schafft den Sprung auf Python 3 Kostenloses Entschlüsselungstool für Erpressungstrojaner ThunderX ist da Grüne: Regierung muss Gesetz gegen Hass verfassungskonform machen heise+ | Linux-Tipps (nicht nur) für Umsteiger: Text-, Bild-, Video- und Audiobearbeitung Missing Link: Agilität in Zeiten von Corona 4W: Was war. Was wird. Vom Leben im Museum für den Cyberspace. TechStage | Playstation 5, Xbox S- und X Series: Die Next Gen Konsolen Vorratsdatenspeicherung: CDU/CSU-Minister dafür, Bundesrat eher dagegen US-Regierung begründet Vorgehen gegen TikTok vor Gericht Apple übernimmt Podcast-Dienst Scout FM Volkswirte: Wirtschaft erholt sich von Corona-Schock – Risiko bleibt TechStage | Fiido D11 im Test: Das verbotene Design-Klapprad mit 100km Reichweite Alphabet akzeptiert Vergleich bei Anlegerklagen zu Nötigungsvorwürfen heise+ | Schnittstellen-Erweiterer: Drei USB-C-Hubs speziell für MacBooks Microsoft schmeißt Cyberkriminelle aus der Azure-Cloud Data Cities: Wie Hacktivisten Smart-City-Konzepte unterwandern SAP: Homeoffice bis Mitte 2021 Terrorbekämpfung: Geheimdienstliche IMSI-Catcher-Einsätze so hoch wie nie heise+ | Stockfotografie: So verdienen Sie Geld mit eigenen Fotos Berechnung oder Zufall: Die Bilder der Woche (KW 39) Sextoys, Linux-Start & Multibanking | c’t uplink 34.6

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread Judge rejects TikTok creators’ request to delay ban, says they won’t suffer ‘irreparable harm’ iPhone 12 braided USB-C may finally fix Apple cord rep Surveillance Company Explains How to Keep Facebook From Detecting Fake Accounts in Leaked Manual Arm wants to obliterate Intel and AMD with gigantic 192-core CPU The Flashing Warning of QAnon Deep algebra for deep beats: The beautiful sounds of musical programming Ex-Audi boss to stand trial for 'dieselgate' Bing mobile apps suffered a data leak, leaking 6.5TB of search data We Finally Know How Much Radiation There Is on The Moon, And It's Not Great News Civil Rights Groups Say If Facebook Won't Act On Election Misinformation, They Will How Taiwan's 'civic hackers' helped find a new way to run the country The Inside Story of How Signal Became the Private Messaging App for an Age of Fear and Distrust SpaceX fires up in-space version of Starship's Raptor engine for 1st time (video) This hacked coffee maker demands ransom and highlights a key IoT flaw Computer assemblers to leave China: MIC When coffee makers are demanding a ransom, you know IoT is screwed Cell-based meat startup secures $55m. - Dutch firm Mosa Meat secures funding to bring cell-based meat to consumers in approx 3 years. German-made FinSpy spyware found in Egypt, and Mac and Linux versions revealed TikTok’s fate to go down to the wire; judge will rule before midnight | The ruling will come before the app metaphorically turns into a pumpkin at 12. NHS COVID-19 app has been downloaded over 10 million times How targeted misinformation works on Indian social media The FCC Says It Is All About Closing the Digital Divide. How Is It Doing? SpaceX's GPS contract modified to allow reuse of Falcon 9 boosters - SpaceNews The Android 11 Privacy and Security Features You Should Know Ransomware Attacks Take On New Urgency Ahead of Vote

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AMA announcement: EU-FOSSA 2 team of the European Commission, Thurs 28 Nov, 4 pm CET Kirigami is KDE's framework for building beautiful apps that run on phones, desktop computers, TVs and everything in between. Kirigami's new web page helps you get started creating apps that work (and look great) everywhere. Tips for submitting your first Linux kernel patch It’s not free software if you can’t easily fork it (and how to fix it) [Update] 50+ upgraded unit animations based on inverse kinematics | Beyond All Reason RTS (Total Annihilation Remake running on opensource SpringRTS engine) The weekly Console email just went out! This one has an interview with a robotics CEO about their decision to open source and how it affected their business. Why are some apps missing from aurora store? This week in KDE: fixing up Plasma 5.20 Apple Open-Sources Swift System, Adds Linux Support Suggestions needed for simplified homeserver setup project/idea I guess Microsoft got a true taste of what open source really means Dopamine 2.05 released - music player for Windows What's a good open source alternative to Todoist? Calibre 5.0 released. The powerful e-book manager has moved to Python 3, has dark mode support and more. Swift System Is Now Open Source If I host a opensource project, how do I guarantee the user that the code is not tampered? Hey All! We just released the latest version of our open-source build tool Earthly. It's like make file and docker files mixed together, with some nice syntactic sugar. BLOCKOTUS/organism - create HyperLedger Fabric SDK enterprise app template Urkel – authenticated key-value store written in C I made an open-source web app where you can fine-tune your music preferences and create a playlist directly to Spotify. Check it out! Chevereto Free is now MIT licensed Sorcely - An open source fact checker Free free e-mail service providers Is there a platform for requesting open source apps/ giving ideas for projects that someone would want to pick up programmatically ? Serverless, peer-to-peer, local file sharing through sound

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Announcement: r/security is now closed down and will be re-launched soon. Please use r/cybersecurity for all cybersecurity topics. Detailed audit of Voatz' voting app confirms security flaws Ongoing DDoS attacks against ISPs? Cyber threats abusing COVID-19 collected to a database to spread awareness. Firefox to remove support for the FTP protocol Cnd vs pnd. Which one is the best for Network security? Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread The U.S. wants smartphone location data. Reject the anti-encrytpion bill. They are trying to destroy privacy while everyone is distracted with coronavirus! EFF made this easy tool so you can tell your senators. Code Scanning Solution - SAST - Scanmycode.today - free for Open Source Projects bitcoin@mail.tg to recover encrypted PC. My friend's bank got hacked and she needs help. LDAPFragger: Bypassing network restrictions using LDAP attributes Petition to try and halt the EARN IT ACT Encrypting communication on top of Facebook messenger etc The EARN IT Act Is the New FOSTA Hey all. I started a YouTube channel a short while ago with instructional videos for learning penetration testing/ethical hacking. Hopefully some of you will find them informative. Spam calls render landline useless. Paranoid Shield (password manager) Security In 5: Episode 705 - It Is Time For Multi-Factor Authentication To Shine Windows Warning Alert Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The GUI Domain What are the most cleaver way used by famous Malwares to exfiltrate data without being traceable back ? Cloud Database Leak Exposes 425GB of Financial Data Endpoint detection and response. Learn about EDR and securing your endpoints. Hardening Ubuntu 18 Laptop. What should I do differently?

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Week of September 27, 2020 'All Space Questions' thread We designed and developed the new space toilet that is launching to the International Space Station next week! Ask us anything! Astronomer here! I cross stitched “the wonders of space!” I saw Bob’s press passes and thought I should share my grandpas! Maybe they knew each other The Surface of the Sun - captured from my backyard Our Milky Way Galaxy [OC] From Mount Tschirgant in the Alps, you can see not only nearby towns and distant Tyrolean peaks, but also, weather permitting, stars, nebulas, & the band of the Milky Way Galaxy. And if you climbed during the Perseids Meteor Shower, like photographer Nicholas Roemmelt did, also a marvel like this I noticed that Jupiter and the Moon were very close a few nights ago, and decided to snap a pic. Zoom in for the details! Pleiades a.k.a. The Seven Sister, is the first object I was able to recognize as a kid, as it reminded me of a kite. This week, I had the opportunity to photograph it for the first time. [OC] Dad’s Apollo 11 press pass I spent the weekend in Joshua tree and imaged the Andromeda Galaxy with my Telescope [OC] Nebula Space , ink/acrylic I captured an image I thought was impossible this week- the moon transiting two nebulas in the same field of view. Video of the transit and explanation in the comments. [OC] Moon safe for long-term human exploration, first surface radiation measurements show A map of the Solar System I am currently working on. The rest of the outer planets have not been made yet. Grandpa’s Apollo & Early Space Shuttle stuff My First picture with a Telescope - The Pinwheel Galaxy, M101 Bioluminescent algae and the milky way rising over South Arm, Tasmania...I believe the ISS is also present just to the right above the clouds! [OC] Nebula Near Sadr [OC] My latest photo of Mars as it approaches opposition [OC] This charming abandoned house under the stars [OC] I captured Saturn with an 8-inch telescope and color camera.

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - September 25, 2020 Beat Your Backlog! Weekend Thread - September 26, 2020 I’d like to know - what DON’T you like about PC gaming? Resident Evil 8 Off-Screen Gameplay Demo Hints At An Opening Similar To Resident Evil 4 After three years of hard work, our game just went live on Kickstarter. Pavor is a first-person horror adventure game set on an island full of dolls. All support/feedback is appreciated! What happened to 12 of gaming's biggest studios after they were sold NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 and the crashes – Why capacitors are so important and what’s behind them | Igor's Lab Scarlet Nexus - Story Trailer Looks like GameStop will soon start selling PC parts Project Reality still goes around! Casual multiplayer fps suggestions Amazon Luna servers will run Windows games directly on Nvidia T4 GPUs Remaking Oblivion | SKYBLIVION Development Diary 01 Why did RTS die out? TEKKEN 7 – Season 4 Launch Trailer I have re-played Airfix Dogfighter (Unique Development Studios Paradox Entertainment, 2000) and I wonder if there are available other flight simulators with small models that fly around your own house. Any suggestion? Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Announcement Trailer Confirmed: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti launches after RTX 3070 TEKKEN7 had reached over 6 million sales! Over 50 million copies sales for the series. New to PC Gaming any tips? New to pc gaming. Is there a safe, reliable website where I can download old games? We're a two man team that spent the past 3 years developing our own game engine and assets from scratch. Here's our second teaser trailer Some power, clock and CU specs for the navi 2x series GPUs, as found in the MacOS 11 beta, as well as the CU count of 31. This is stuff drawn directly from OS libraries using reverse engineering tools, and thus needs to be accurate., Games with fast-paced skill-reliant gameplay? Cyberpunk 2077 Environment Designer Explains How His Team Built Night City

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Ask /r/formula1 Anything - Daily Discussion - 27 September 2020 2020 Russian GP Race Debrief - r/Formula1 Editorial Team Valtteri Bottas: "I just wanna thank my critics, and to whom it may concern, F**k You" Leclerc no penalty VS Hamilton's penalty FIA's lack of care towards Leclerc's infringments [@F1] Top class response from Daniel Ricciardo after being informed of his 5 second penalty. Seb got a cake in celebration of his 250th Grand Prix start Valtteri Bottas wins the 2020 Russian Grand Prix! Max Verstappen P2, Lewis Hamilton P3! FIA Steward Mika Salo reportedly leaked the stewarding decisons to Finnish broadcaster CMore. Video of CMore commentators talking about the excat penalty ten minutes before it was announced Gasly overtakes Albon - Gasly: "Ye boi" Lewis Hamilton receives 2x 5 second time penalties (10 seconds in total) Stewards cancel Hamilton's two penalty points for practice start violations ‘Ridiculous he didn’t get a penalty’ – Stroll furious with 'sloppy' Leclerc after Lap 1 clash [OT] Huge crash in the F2 sprint race Ferrari descibes Vettel's race Hamilton two points away from race ban after practice start violations Carlos Sainz crash replay KMags insane start (p18->p9) Team Radio: Lewis Hamilton asked Bono if he could make his practice start at the end of the pitlane [Formula 1] Today, Kimi Raikkonen will equal the all-time record of 322 F1 race starts at lights out in Russia Here's a message for Kimi from the current record holder, @rubarrichello [AllardKalff] Numbers game. Car 44 is 44 points ahead of car 77. Car 33 is 77 behind 44 so 33 behind 77. Russian GP earlier start [@LightsOutF1Blog] With a maximum of 182 points still available in 2020, Vettel, Kvyat, Hulkenberg, Raikkonen, Giovinazzi, Magnussen, Latifi, Russell and Grosjean can no longer win the 2020 Drivers' Championship Lewis Hamilton reaction to 10s time penalty: "What happened? What happened?" ... "Where's that in the rule book?"