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SMT Solving on an iPhone (2018) People work longer and different hours under lockdown Stopping deepfake news with an AI algorithm that can tell when a face doesnt fit Adding a fiber link to my home network Show HN: Kowl – An Open Source WebUI for Apache Kafka with a good UI and UX Great Retsina, an Oxymoron No More Fire your bad customers EFF Defends Public’s Right to Access Court Records About Patent Ownership Hardware Accelerator for Adversarial Attacks on Deep Learning Neural Networks Vertigo – a public domain 3D flight simulator (2003) The German front in rare color photos, 1914-1918 The Reemergent 1977 H1N1 Strain and the Gain-of-Function Debate (2015) Algorithmic Theories of Everything How I Got My Japanese Permanent Residency Ask HN: What are some available force multipliers that most people don't know? No flourish was too much Validating Kubernetes YAML for best practice and policies Bill Gates calls Microsoft’s TikTok deal a poisoned chalice “What color is the Sun?” An example of science education pathology (2012) The ‘-ize’ have it (2012) There’s no such thing as a tech expert anymore Haskell In New Clothes Reverse Engineering for Beginners [pdf] Show HN: Zesture – Control Mac/Windows Apps Using Hand Gestures Why the U.S. government is allowing bears, wolves to be hunted in their dens Firefox Voice Huawei says it’s running out of chips for smartphones because of US sanctions C.I.A. Lacing (2014) Twitter x TikTok = Twiktwok Low-cost measurement of facemask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets

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TechStage | Jimmy JV85 Pro vs Dyson V10: Das Duell der Saug-Könige TechStage | Unterschiede: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 vs Note 9S vs Note 9 Pro Def Con 2020: Millionen von IoT-Geräten im Handumdrehen hackbar Mediaworkstations a-X2P: Koffer-PC mit bis zu 128 Zen-2-Kernen und 6 Displays Upload-Filter: YouTube lobt "mutigen" Entwurf zur Urheberrechtsreform Hybrid-CPUs: AMD-Patent beschreibt Kombination aus kleinen und großen Kernen Reaktionen zur "Great Firewall", made in the USA Handelskrieg: Huaweis Mate 40 letztes Smartphone mit eigenem Highend-Prozessor Viele Klagen über Internet-Probleme während Wahl in Weißrussland heise+ | Anleitung: Nintendo Switch mit alternativer Firmware für Homebrew freischalten Der "Eskimo-Nebel" verschwindet: NASA will Spitznamen kosmischer Objekte prüfen Bericht: Auch Twitter ist an TikTok interessiert SpaceX und ULA erhalten Startverträge vom US-Militär Entscheidung über Rauswurf von Wirecard aus dem Dax rückt näher Rufnummern-Missbrauch: Weniger Beschwerden wegen nervender Werbeanrufe heise+ | Software-Überblick: Gratis-CAD für Maker Missing Link: System-relevant, aber streaming-fremd? Die Clubkultur in der Krise 4W: Was war. Was wird. Mit Intelligenz und Haltung von den Sitzen fliegen. TechStage | D-Link DCS-8526LH im Test: Indoor-Cam mit Rundumblick TechStage | Kaufberatung Gaming-Monitore: Displays zum Zocken Have I Been Pwned: Software-Basis der Passwort-Leak-Website wird Open-Source Facebook soll konservative Medien und Persönlichkeiten bevorzugt haben Weiße Stereotype bei intelligenten Maschinen: zu viel "Whiteness" in der KI heise+ | Audio-Video-Receiver: So finden Sie die passende Zentrale für Ihr Heimkino Softwareentwicklung: Facebook veröffentlicht Open-Source-Tool zur Codeanalyse Schule beginnt in weiteren Ländern – digital besser aufgestellt Machine Learning: Michael J. Fox Foundation und IBM wollen Parkinson erforschen SpaceX startet erneut Dutzende Satelliten – mit Blenden gegen Reflektionen heise+ | Ryzentosh: Was ein günstiger AMD-Hackintosh als Mac-Klon taugt

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We Are Running Out of Time | Congress Has Already Started on the Second Phase of Banning Your Digital Privacy | Speak to Your Senators Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread 17-year-old high school student developed an app that records your interaction with police when you're pulled over and immediately shares it to Instagram and Facebook Frances Allen, Who Helped Hardware Understand Software, Dies at 88 China Is Upgrading Its Great Firewall And Can Now Censor Even More Content TikTok To Sue Trump Administration Over Ban, As Soon As Tuesday A Private Equity Firm Bought Ancestry, and Its Trove of DNA, for $4.7B In 10 Years Of Existence, The Long-Running French Farce Known As Hadopi Has Imposed Just €87,000 In Fines, But Cost Taxpayers €82 Million Congress to consider National Right To Repair law for first time Elon Musk’s tunnel-digging venture just got approval for expansion A British AI Tool to Predict Violent Crime Is Too Flawed to Use Apple refuses to allow major gaming apps from Microsoft, Google, and Facebook onto the App Store, and the fight just went public Over 1,100 Policing Agencies in the US Have Bought Drones Capable of Recording Protests New virus-filtering mask material to be fast-tracked to market China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI Apple wants this recipe app to stop using a pear in its logo Founders of ARM against sale to Nvidia, TSMC or any company within tech sector. Climate crisis: World’s largest coal mine sees value slashed by £1.4bn amid surge in demand for renewables Don't Worry: Gaming on Apple Will Suck Forever CIA Finds ‘No Evidence’ Chinese Government Has Accessed TikTok Data Capital One ordered to pay $80 million penalty for its role in a 2019 data breach Stopping deepfake news with an AI algorithm that can tell when a face doesn’t fit Facebook repeatedly overruled fact checkers in favor of conservatives | Officials thought punishing conservatives would be a "PR risk." Twitter and TikTok Have Held Merger Talks as Trump Ban Looms (Report) “It's time to stop using SMS for two-factor authentication” - How valid are 2FA SMS concerns?

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AMA announcement: EU-FOSSA 2 team of the European Commission, Thurs 28 Nov, 4 pm CET Non algorithmic open news app? The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has created a new video: 'The University of Costumed Heroes' Hey guys, I recently created a Blogging app using Flutter and Firebase. Users can register on the app, start creating blog posts about almost anything that comes to their mind. Users can also search for other people present on the app, and the content that they have posted. Open to Feedback! Have I Been Pwned, the site that tells you if passwords were breached, is going open source Is there any software that does a similar thing as a pegboard connecting people and things together? What’s the reason behind this change in ideology of RSM? Smartphone Hardening non-root Guide 2.0 (for normal people) Unsplash’s dataset is now open source A curated list of open-source Android-Kotlin apps organized by Tech Stack/Libraries for android app developers. Pysa: An Open-Source Tool To Detect & Fix Security Issues In Python Code Why is Pitivi dead? Sandboxie is now OpenSource and not dev. anymore? Contributing to OSS (beginner) Cloudstats Opensource alternative First Point Version Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Arrives With A Lot Of Bug Fixes Looking for open source voting plattform Fixing crashes in some files of a branch on ReactOS' SVN server Can LibreOffice 7.0 Be Awaited Microsoft Office Alternative? Curator - RSS reader with podcast support Volunteer Mac Developers needed for BOINC Any opensource SIP VoIP client for iOS? Top Tech Firms Form Open Source Security Foundation -- ADTmag What are some cool open-source industrial products? Tracker 3 coming to flatpak [GUADEC 2020] Build and Demo an ML Model in 2-3 Minutes

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China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI Frances Allen, Who Helped Hardware Understand Software, Dies at 88 Welcome to Space Beta by Jetbrains : Alternative to Jira but with a chat A Generation Lost in the Bazaar When Feature Flags Do And Don’t Make Sense Building a BASIC Interpreter, '80s Style, Part 2 Things You Want to Do in Git and How to Do Them Introducing Rome: A linter for JavaScript and TypeScript. Reverse-engineering the Intel 8086's instruction register Introducing the cyber artnet Why blogging makes you a better developer - learnings after one year A basic but useful package to read your CLI arguments A list of `.new` domains to perform online actions in one quick step. 🔥🔥 Heroes Of Might And Magic III engine written from scratch (open source, playable) "You May Finally Use JSHint for Evil" - How JSHint could finally be changed to a FLOSS license [Tutorial] How to setup your first Kibana dashboard for monitoring your apps in production Heroku Deploy, how to push a web App or Site to production [100% off] The Expert’s Secret to Mobile Application Testing New Vulkan FFT library - VkFFT (open-source, crossplatform, faster than cuFFT) I built Yunolone, a crowd-sourced platform for availability of items in stores because I wanted to avoid going out while there was a shortage of items during the pandemic. However this issue was solved by the time I completed it. Here’s the link anyway. [100% off] Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Crash Course Flexible tool for translating text and at the same time gives the user the freedom to choose the desired translator How to get your first job (IT) new VR programming game with live, online coding (not mine, but I tried it and it's amazing) Pseudorandom numbers using Cellular Automata

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Announcement: r/security is now closed down and will be re-launched soon. Please use r/cybersecurity for all cybersecurity topics. Detailed audit of Voatz' voting app confirms security flaws Ongoing DDoS attacks against ISPs? Cyber threats abusing COVID-19 collected to a database to spread awareness. Security In 5: Episode 706 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Firefox to remove support for the FTP protocol Cnd vs pnd. Which one is the best for Network security? Google exploring using location info to slow coronavirus spread The U.S. wants smartphone location data. Reject the anti-encrytpion bill. They are trying to destroy privacy while everyone is distracted with coronavirus! EFF made this easy tool so you can tell your senators. bitcoin@mail.tg to recover encrypted PC. Code Scanning Solution - SAST - Scanmycode.today - free for Open Source Projects My friend's bank got hacked and she needs help. LDAPFragger: Bypassing network restrictions using LDAP attributes Petition to try and halt the EARN IT ACT Encrypting communication on top of Facebook messenger etc The EARN IT Act Is the New FOSTA Hey all. I started a YouTube channel a short while ago with instructional videos for learning penetration testing/ethical hacking. Hopefully some of you will find them informative. Spam calls render landline useless. Paranoid Shield (password manager) Security In 5: Episode 705 - It Is Time For Multi-Factor Authentication To Shine Windows Warning Alert Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The GUI Domain What are the most cleaver way used by famous Malwares to exfiltrate data without being traceable back ? Endpoint detection and response. Learn about EDR and securing your endpoints. Hardening Ubuntu 18 Laptop. What should I do differently?

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The Lady Astronaut series tackles historical sexism brilliantly Maps of the sun’s corona could help us predict dangerous solar storms Strange lightning on Jupiter may be caused by ammonia snowballs SpaceX’s prototype Mars rocket has flown for the first time Ancient valleys on Mars may have been carved by glaciers SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule makes splashdown with NASA astronauts Cosmology's new advances show our voyage of discovery is far from over The End of Everything review: A rollicking tour of the wildest physics Dark matter map hints at cracks in our understanding of the universe We can now predict dangerous solar flares a day before they happen NASA has launched its Perseverance Mars rover and Ingenuity helicopter Extreme heat from the sun is baking a thin crust on Mercury’s surface The best view of the stars from Earth is on a hill in Antarctica Katherine Joy: Uncovering the secrets of the moon Women in space: an interview with Varsha Jain and Libby Jackson Black holes are hiding movies of the universe in their glowing rings Biggest ever map of the universe reveals 11 billion years of history Mould from Chernobyl nuclear reactor tested as radiation shield on ISS A giant impact may have caused cracks all over Jupiter's moon Ganymede China is sending its first rover to Mars with the Tianwen-1 mission Moon craters hint huge asteroids bombarded Earth 800 million years ago The universe may be full of enormous clusters of tiny black holes Dozens of active volcano sites spotted on Venus for the first time Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope delayed again due to covid-19 Elements from the universe’s earliest stars gave birth to our sun Closest images ever taken of the sun show 'campfires' near its surface The United Arab Emirates is launching its first mission to Mars We don't know how fast the universe is expanding, and that's a problem Earth-sized exoplanets around small stars may have intense hurricanes How to see the spectacular comet Neowise with the naked eye

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Week of August 09, 2020 'All Space Questions' thread This is a RAW data video of Saturn captured with my 8-inch telescope and color camera. There is no processing and no color has been manipulated. I downloaded data from NASA's solar observatory in space- this is my result after processing the data like it was my own image. [OC] Made a 'blackhole' in blender Did this a while ago, figured it could fit here Spaceman doodle, by me :) Andromeda galaxy - Captured with 11 inch telescope from the Israeli desert. I kept my backyard telescope pointed here for 16 hours to tease this extremely faint nebula out of deep space. [OC] The Earth from space. The 1st picture of the Earth, taken on October 1946, from a rocket 105 km above the ground. The Milky way above my house in Australia My Martian Painting - 60cm x 90cm Curiosity Celebrates its 8th birthday on Mars on Aug. 5, 2012 Mars - 4 hour time-lapse - captured in Israel with an 8 inch telescope Jupiter's North Pole from an infrared perspective. I took 500gb worth of photos of the moon through the clouds and stacked them to show detail Martian Rocks. Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell Jupiter's huge moon Ganymede may have the largest impact scar in the solar system Mars' southern polar ice cap has shrank dramatically over the last month as its southern hemisphere approaches summer. Here are two of my images showing the progression. Left: 5 July, Right: 7 Aug [OC] I captured a close-up of a rare sunspot yesterday. We are in a solar minimum so activity likes this has been very rare the past 12 months. Saturn under excellent conditions with my 8” telescope Moon/Mars Conjunction from this morning. black hole A 3D view of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) a photo of Saturn's north pole The barred spiral galaxy known as NGC 4907 shows its starry face from 270 million light-years away. Appearing in this Hubble image to shine brightly below the galaxy is a star that is actually within our own Milky Way galaxy.

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Tech Support and Basic Questions Thread - August 08, 2020 Beat Your Backlog! Weekend Thread - August 08, 2020 Sega will port more new and old games to PC after Persona 4 Golden's success Denuvo prevents me from playing my legal Steam copy of MGSV. Thanks Denuvo! Disabled Gamer: Convince Devs, Rare, To Let Me Play Their Game Since Infinity Ward and Activision haven't bothered to compress CoD: MW, you can do it yourself. Steam is not issuing refunds for HZD despite users being eligible Anyone else think the Xbox Overlay is much better than the Steam Overlay? Halo Infinite isn't fully open world, but you can explore previous areas Black Temple Trailer 2020 Gaming is becoming increasingly tideous, frustrating and joyless SpecialK for Horizon: Zero Dawn (better frame pacing and less stuttering) FYI there is already a simple Hex edit fix for Horizon Zero Dawn on Pcgaming Wiki to remove cutscenes pillarboxing Imran Khan: Sony approached all major third parties to make deals regarding exclusive content & games, Microsoft not willing to pay asking prices because of Sony's high offerings Fall Guys is Devolver Digital’s Biggest Launch Ever with Over 100k Players and #4 right now on Steam AT&T looks to have changed its mind about selling its gaming studios Unpopular Opinion: Having 90% of gaming hardware with RGB is annoying. GuerrillaGames on steam: Quick Update regarding Player Reports Got my first PC and looking for game suggestions. Cat Quest II - The Mew World Update is now Live! (Also Cat Quest 1 & 2 have sold 1.3 million copies combined) Steam needs to have an automatic "abandoned" tag for early access games. We calculated Max Payne’s kill count across his entire trilogy (2,000+ kills in 11 years), and where his journey can head next. What are the titles you are waiting for? PC: Open Beta Giveaway(with Intel PartnerShip) Marvel's Avengers #SquareEnix Microsoft store allowing me to download paid games for free and I don't know why Looking for a slow-paced RPG with good character customisation Finally an Apple to Apple comparison of Ryzen vs Core-iX