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How to Read Mathematics How to get your first 100k active users TP-Link repeater firmware squanders 715 MB/month Visualizing Realtime Bitcoin Transactions in ReactVR Internet traffic for Google, Facebook, Apple was briefly rerouted to Russia AWS Single Sign-On Show HN: Culture Queries – The best questions to ask during your job interview Fish: A user-friendly command line shell for macOS, Linux, etc France to ban mobile phones in primary, junior and middle schools NIPS 2017 Notes [pdf] The Q Language New silicon structure opens the gate to quantum computers The State of JavaScript 2017 How Playing Around with New Technologies Landed Me a 6-Month Freelance Gig How RSA Works: TLS Foundations A list of ways to “Break the Internet” for the 48 hours before the FCC vote Show HN: Build your Linux from Scratch inside Docker with one command SEC Halts a Real Initial Coin Offering Step-By-Step Fundraising Tactics from an NYC Founder Who Raised $750M South Korea to hold emergency meeting on cryptocurrencies Pruning AI networks without impacting performance Bruce Brown, 80, Dies; His ‘Endless Summer’ Documented Surfing Ethernet over barbed wire A difficult experience with Autopilot in the mountains of Canada RentHop (YC S09) Hiring NYC-Based Mobile Devs The Problem of Colour Internet protocols are changing Intel 64 and IA32 Architectures Performance Monitoring Events [pdf] DIY MacBook Stand Concertmaster – Classical music front-end for Spotify

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Texteditor Atom erweitert den Umgang mit URIs Dynamisches HDR: Amazon will mit HDR10+-Streaming starten Bitcoin hält sich bei 17000 Dollar iMac Pro: Apple öffnet Vorbestellungen – nur für Einstiegsmodelle US-Regierungsvertreter: "Bei der NSA gibt es keinen Datenstaubsauger" Arm durch Klimawandel: Tage mit extremer Hitze in frühester Kindheit bedeuten weniger Einkommen als Erwachsener Star Wars – Die letzten Jedi: Die Space-Operette geht weiter Linux 4.15: Feinschliff am Netzwerk-Support und IP-Verbindungen via Thunderbolt Bundestag: CDU/CSU hält an der Vorratsdatenspeicherung und am Facebook-Gesetz fest Facebook will mehr Werbeumsätze in einzelnen Ländern versteuern Google: Werbebetrüger kassierten 1,27 Milliarden Dollar pro Jahr DisplayHDR: Neuer VESA-Standard soll HDR-Display-Kauf vereinfachen Fossil Q Explorist (3. Gen) im Test: schwere Smartwatch ohne Pulssensor eco-Konzept für Domain-Daten: Das offene Whois vor dem Aus Vorsicht vor Phishing-Mails beim Weihnachtsshopping Firefox Quantum auf 170 Millionen Geräten installiert Abgas-Skandal: Unzulässige Abschalteinrichtung im VW Touareg – KBA verordnet Rückruf Apple will Aktionärsanträge zu Klimaschutz und Menschenrechten streichen Der Tod kommt per E-Mail: Erpresser drohen mit Mordanschlag Turi Create: Apples Machine-Learning-Framework wird Open Source Elektro-Lkw: Pepsico bestellt 100 Tesla Semi AMDs Mega-Treiberupdate Radeon Adrenalin Edition: Grafikkarte per Handy auslesen, verbesserte 3D-Funktionen Seven – The Days Long Gone angespielt: Schleichend durch die Endzeit Paydirekt: Paypal-Konkurrent der Banken bekommt einen neuen Chef FHIR: Nur ein weiterer Standard oder die Zukunft im Gesundheitssektor? Elektroindustrie: Smart TVs haben sich in den Haushalten etabliert Fallout 4 VR im Livestream: Mit der Vive im Wasteland unterwegs Bundesrechnungshof regt höhere Diesel-Besteuerung an Zahlen, bitte! 12 – Die erhabene Teilerin küsst in 3D

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Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread Today /r/Technology is going to #BreakTheInternet to save net neutrality Ajit Pai has personal financial interests in ending net neutrality Ajit Pai claims net neutrality hurt small ISPs, but data says otherwise. Roughly a million FCC comments were fraudulently filed using real names and half a million additional comments were filed from Russian email addresses. Meanwhile, 50,000 real FCC consumer complaints are missing. ‘Father Of The Internet’ Skewers FCC: ‘You Don’t Understand How The Internet Works’ Five Republicans have opposed the FCC’s plan. We need to convince the rest of them. Republican senator calls on Congress to pass law protecting net neutrality FCC commissioner trolls Ajit Pai with net neutrality ‘suggested edits’ If the FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Expect Fewer Great Startups First Republican Congressman Demands FCC Delay Net Neutrality Vote The Folks That Built The Internet Tell The FCC It Has No Idea How The Internet Works Maloney Introduces Bill To Save Net Neutrality - “A Hudson Valley congressman has come up with a bill to save the internet from the FCC's proposed rollback of Net Neutrality rules.” More Republicans in Congress criticize FCC’s net neutrality plan Congress has set out a bill to stop the FCC taking away our internet. PLEASE SPREAD THIS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Ajit Pai offers no data for latest claim that net neutrality hurt small ISPs 200 people + Adam Savage protest for Net Neutrality outside Senator Mitch McConnell's office. An internet that is exposed to censorship is NOT not the real internet. Are we really going to allow ISP's to extort consumers with roadblocks and give them arbitrary discretion to censor internet content? FCC Plan to kill net neutrality rules could hurt students One Congressman Has a Last Ditch Effort to Save Net Neutrality The FCC and FTC announce partnership to watch the Internet burn 'Father Of The Internet' Skewers FCC: 'You Don't Understand How The Internet Works' Europe Has a Message for Americans on Net Neutrality: I’m France’s top internet regulator. And I fear the FCC has not considered the full consequences of altering the open web.

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Community Survy Happy Holidays: AMD Finally Pushing Out Open-Source Vulkan Driver Linux Journal - So Long, and Thanks for All the Bash 360fy - An Open-source 360° Video Creator. Decentralized social media, and the fragmentation of control WebAssembly Server side rendering with C++ - asm-dom@0.4.0 Serial port splitter for windows 10 64bit? NewSQL ... combining NoSQL and SQL API's into a single implementation [Open Source Book] The Importance of Positive Energy Christmas Gift: BerryNet 2.0 Available now :) now support movidius, Nest camera... and more for users to build AI applications their way with RPi3 Restful API management for Windows Services. Access and control windows services using http commands. Easy to use css spinners collection with vue.js integration [x-post from /r/javascript] This open-source interview approach will help you avoid unconscious bias The Changelog #277: The Story of Visual Studio Code with Julia Liuson, Chris Dias, and PJ Meyer License dispute arose from 3rd party penetration testing of popular payment app The open source community prefers to keep disputes and enforcement out of the courts. Is 2018 likely to take us in a new direction? A free to use AC Dimmer Circuit Board design, with video documented design process WANTED! PEOPLE READY to SAVE ONLINE FREE SPEECH The Government of Canada is Assessing the Benefits of Open Source Let’s support Ardour - an open-source DAW that is AMAZING for recording and editing audio. Even if you are a financially unstable musician (like myself) you can subscribe for as little as $1 a month. Is there opensource science? FLOSS Weekly 462 Evolution of Community | TWiT.TV Get ERP Consulting Services Get Odoo Integration Service Text-IO v3.0 released Analyzing open source development (part 2) - A bit of Perceval and Pandas

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BrickerBot Author Retires Claiming to Have Bricked over 10 Million IoT Devices Popular Destinations rerouted to Russia - 80 prefixes normally announced by organizations such Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitch, NTT Communications and Riot Games were redirected during two event windows of about three minutes each GDPR WARNING: Do not forget about mobile apps when planning for GDPR Anyone know when Duo Security will support Pulse Connect Secure 8.3Rx? Looking to get into cybersecurity; Would love some advice. How secure is online backup/cloud services such as Crashplan, Backblaze, Dropbox, etc HP leaves accidental keylogger in laptop keyboard driver Detection Lab is a collection of Packer and Vagrant scripts that allow you to quickly bring a Windows Active Directory online, complete with a collection of endpoint security tooling and logging best practices. Don’t trust all SSL / TLS certificates What We Can Learn From The Uber Hack And Response Best Practices for Verifying Vuln Fixes VERT Threat Alert: Return of Bleichenbacher’s Oracle Threat (ROBOT) Got a verification email from "Huobi", which is something I have never used. What do I do? Security ChatOps Checklist: How to Evaluate Your SOC’s Readiness For ChatOps Security In 5: Episode 130 - OWASP Top 10 - A9 - Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities The ROBOT Attack Can a hacker log in bypassing 2FA? Phishers Are Upping Their Game. So Should You. RFC: Mobile App Security Hidden keylogger found on HP laptops Hackers Alert- A guide to keeping your ATM credentials safe from ATM skimming Dropbox security is abysmal Hack Me Bounty Challenge Interesting new research: 24% of corporate devices connect to insecure WiFi. What policies to you have at your company to protect this? Security In 5: Episode 129 - LinkedIn InMail Phishing Shows The Need For Two Factor Authentication

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The tiny space rock New Horizons is headed for may have a moon Ancient black holes ruled out as source of all dark matter Mysterious streaks seen on Saturn’s moons could be ancient rings Trump directs NASA to send astronauts to the moon and then Mars Light from LIGO’s neutron star smashup just got even brighter That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet Bizarre supernova may be powered by hidden disc of dust and gas Most distant quasar ever seen is way too big for our universe NASA fires Voyager 1’s engines for the first time in 37 years Why brewing beer in space is more important than you think The usual way of hunting dark matter may be all wrong Planets near dangerous stars could shield alien life under smog Spaceplanes may be the best hope in war on deadly orbiting junk Science Fiction: slavery stereotypes, and a new M. John Harrison Moon’s explosive birth drove iron deep into Earth’s core Jupiter’s icy moon Europa has a hidden ‘conveyer belt’ of heat Weird tiny galaxies found hiding in Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field No, aliens aren’t lurking on the International Space Station Cuts likely for one of NASA’s next big space-based telescopes How a fiery matter-antimatter union may lead to limitless energy Giant climate camera will watch how our planet changes Mysterious gamma rays in Crab nebula traced to pulsar winds We’ve found a bunch of dwarf galaxies we thought didn’t exist Private mission may get us back to Enceladus sooner than NASA We got a good look at the interstellar asteroid and it’s weird Signs of running water on Mars dunes are probably just dry sand Ocean-covered planets may not be the places to search for life The message we’re sending to nearby aliens is no threat to Earth The New Horizons spacecraft is heading towards a mystery rock Lightning leaves clouds of radiation and antimatter in its wake

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Week of December 10, 2017 'All Space Questions' thread NASA Confirms Astronauts Will Watch 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' in Space: "Can confirm the crew will be able to watch it on orbit." When this post is 5 hours old, an Ariane 5 will launch four additional satellites for Europe's navigation system Galileo - Watch live here Opportunity Rover Survives Worst Part of Another Martian Winter As It Continues Study of Ancient Gully Houston Chronicle: Trump's NASA promises lack necessary funding. Good video about how NASA actually makes money for the US, and why even from a purely economic perspective its budget shouldn't be cut. Saturn’s rings are a recent addition to the solar system, Cassini observations show. "Cassini results really argue strongly that the rings are young, maybe under 200 million years". Blue Origin: Crew Capsule 2.0 First Flight Mars 360 Panorama from Curiosity in Ultra High Quality Cassini may be dead, but a new era of Saturn science has just begun Musk’s SpaceX Doubles Down on Method for Cheaper Rocket Launches Japanese start-up ispace raises funds for first two lunar missions starting in 2019. I’m Seth Shostak, and I’m an astronomer at SETI looking for evidence of E.T. But should we send messages into space? AMA! Blue Origin (quietly) flew New Shepard today The Square Kilometre Array in Africa will be tens of times more sensitive and hundreds of times faster at mapping the sky than today’s best radio telescopes. SpaceX (twitter)- Taking additional time for the team to conduct full inspections and cleanings due to detection of particles in 2nd stage fuel system... Saturn's D-ring may be raining small ice particles that suck up electrons from the planet's ionosphere. Astronomers to Check Mysterious Interstellar Object for Signs of Technology Astronomers to Check Mysterious Interstellar Object for Signs of Technology. World’s newest island may offer clues in search for life on Mars NASA's Juno Probes the Depths of Jupiter's Great Red Spot Trump wants NASA to send astronauts to the Moon — but how exactly? Apollo 8 and the 50/50 bet that won the Space Race for America Life's Building Blocks Observed in Spacelike Environment - Did life originate in space?