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Mehr Coffee-Lake-Prozessoren für Desktop-PCs Allianz-Versicherung und Autoindustrie streiten um Autodaten Rocket Lab Electron bringt drei Satelliten in den Orbit Blogger in Kuwait wegen Kritik an Saudi-Arabien verurteilt E-Bikes: Zahl der schweren Unfälle steigt an NetzDG: Facebook will keine Meinungspolizei sein Samsung Galaxy S9: Gerüchte zur Kamera, zum Display und Termin Plagiats-Jägerin: Kaum Fortschritte im Kampf gegen Ideen-Klau bei Doktorarbeiten NetzDG: Facebook sperrt Karikaturisten Schwarwel Missing Link: Von Maschinenethik und vom Datenschatz der Therapie- und Pflegeroboter Umwelthilfe verklagt Städte: VW-Schummel-Diesel stilllegen US-Bug-Bountys lassen "gute" Hacker in die Falle tappen DLD: Wie sich Europa gegenüber China und den USA künftig behaupten will Magie des Lichts: Die Bilder der Woche (KW3) Außenminister Gabriel: Europa muss globale Rolle bei Technologie-Revolution spielen 4W: Was war. Was wird. Über die besonderen Fähigkeiten der IT Energiekonzern Eni betreibt Top-Ten-Supercomputer Alexa-Sprachsteuerung kommt auf PCs und Smartphones Hamburger Fotofahndung - 20 mutmaßliche G20-Gewalttäter ermittelt Daten von 40.000 Kreditkarten bei OnePlus kompromittiert Twitter findet weitere Accounts mit Russland-Verbindung Facebook zieht Nutzer zur Qualitätskontrolle heran Kim Dotcom hat geheiratet - und will Neuseeland verklagen Neuer Miniaturisierungsrekord bei Delta-Robotern Korg Prologue: Synthesizer-Flaggschiff verbindet analoge und digitale Klangerzeugung Wochenrückblick Replay: Banken, Bitcoin, Brute Force (und natürlich Meltdown) c't uplink 20.6: Meltdown und Spectre Ableton Live 10: Termin steht fest Bitcoin: US-Behörde SEC bremst, Starökonom Shiller warnt vor Crash

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Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread NVIDIA Tells Retailers To Sell To Gamers, Not Cryptominers As GPU Shortage Causes Extreme Price Gouging Google CEO Pichai says that AI is like fire: while it is useful, we must use caution UK Government Teaches 7-Year-Olds That Piracy is Stealing Autonomous driving: Kill or be killed? - ‘scientists from the University of Bologna in Italy have come up with a truly fascinating device called an “ethical knob”, which would allow owners of autonomous cars to choose their vehicle’s level of altruism.‘ BMW to switch Apple CarPlay to subscription service Twitter Admits There Were More Than 50,000 Russian Bots Trying to Confuse American Voters Before the Election Tech doesn’t need to be less addictive — it just needs to be better. The real problem with tech products is not that they encourage addiction, but that they're annoying and disruptive — and that's something tech companies need to fix. Amazon's automated grocery store of the future opens Monday Twitter informs Cornyn he interacted with Russia-linked content during 2016 election The US government underestimated solar energy installation in the US by 4,813% Android fragmentation is worsening. Over half of all Android devices, or a billion, are more than two years out of date Your ‘smart’ appliances may bring more hassles to your life Twitter begins emailing the 677,775 Americans who took Russian election bait [Updated] New Zealand: Rocket Lab sends Electron rocket into orbit, marking milestone for moon mission Here’s why you can’t buy a high-end graphics card at Best Buy Intel Has a Big Problem and It Needs to Act Like It Is Facebook Local a worthy competitor to existing location-aware check-in apps? World's most powerful mobile spyware can read WhatsApp messages, take photos, more Virgin's Hyperloop: Future or fantasy? Bitcoin and Ethereum Have a Hidden Power Structure, and It’s Just Been Revealed Google is patching a bug that slows down Wi-Fi networks connected to both Android and Chromecast devices

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Community Survy Open source Offline first EMR - Electronic Medical Records. For remote clinics and activities. Is it time for open processors? Top 5 Open Source Collaborative Software Suites aka Groupwares for Linux Adempiere credit removal case A crowd-sourced collection of algorithms New to this, need immediate help! UK NHS grassroots Linux Distro gets cease and desist letter from Government and closes Freedom CPU Dejavu 1.4 release - the missing web UI for Elasticsearch Church of Supreme Light Bubble - open source religion that agrees with science Mentoring in Open Source Communities: What Works? What Doesn't? (2009) Weekly News 3/2018 by Protocols Wine 3.0 A couple of mini projects to get started with React, Redux and Thunk from scratch (with tutorials links and latest code) cyber•Search, a link to our open source repository for our blockchain search engine Blockchain Bloat: How Ethereum Clients Are Tackling Storage Issues Mycroft to use Open Source, Open Data Mozilla Deepspeech Rentry - Markdown pastebin from command line Google is moving from Ubuntu to Debian for its in-house Linux desktop. New release of Express Gateway 1.6.0, open source API Gateway FOSDEM 2018 - Interview with Michael Meeks. Re-structuring a giant, ancient code-base for new platforms. Making LibreOffice work well everywhere. Open-source software simulates river and runoff resources Interview with developer of Open Source project Utopian.io that rewards users for their contributions to Open Source projects on Github Apache Foundation and OpenMRS each received a $1M donation from Pineapple Fund What's the open source software you use every day?

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OnePlus got pwned, exposed up to 40,000 users to credit card fraud | A malicious script injected into OnePlus' payment page went undiscovered for two months. British teen gained access to US intelligence operations by pretending to be CIA head OnePlus website hacked - Credit Card Information of 40000 customers leaked You can actually update your microcode even without a BIOS update. Security Orchestration for Endpoint Security: Use Cases Are Skyfall and Solace vulnerabilities a hoax? Security In 5: Episode 156 - Tools, Tips and Tricks - Exploit Database Secure Contexts Everywhere Windows 10's "Controlled Folder Access" Anti-Ransomware Feature Is Now Live US ‘hacking back’ law could create a cyber wild west of vigilantism 87 Security Experts to follow on Twitter Bypassing CloudFlare using Internet-wide scan data Skyfall and Solace are two speculative attacks based on the work highlighted by Meltdown and Spectre. Full details are still under embargo. Is it possible to hack NFL headset comms? More Meltdown and Spectre Flaws Incoming! Security In 5: Episode 155 - Why You Should Phish Your Employees Pysaml2: Running python with optimizations makes UsernamePasswordMako accept any password for any user Security considerations for choosing a Content Management System. Share your thoughts. Advice regarding Ethconnect securities scam by known fraudster Yair Shalev. Did I Miss Anything? How I exploited ACME TLS-SNI-01 issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL-certs for any domain using shared hosting A reliable TCP/IP reader for 120 smartcards for crypto-wallets or general encryption Skygofree: Following in the footsteps of HackingTeamhttps://www.reddit.com/r/security/securelist.com Tool to Check for Meltdown and Spectre Those spam phone calls which hang up on you

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Deadly solar flares may have helped seed life on Mars and beyond Some exoplanets orbiting red giant stars may just be a mirage NASA may finally have a new boss after a year-long wait See inside the universe in this stunning light sculpture Stars that devour their planets get brighter and faster So long, suckers: Where have all the black holes gone? We may be able to see mountains and valleys on distant worlds The universe still seems to be expanding faster than it ought to Mars has ice sheets 130 metres thick hiding below its red dust Hidden exoplanets could be revealed by echoing light We must accept more risks if we want space travel to take off Mystery radio bursts may be from neutron star near a black hole Cosmic couture: The urgent quest to redesign the spacesuit The ugly, fractured reality of the cosmos deserves our attention The universe could be full of more huge stars than we thought SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test is the start of a race to Mars Tides and atmospheres on TRAPPIST-1 planets may help life thrive Weird dim star isn’t due to alien megastructure – it’s just dust Japan launches super-low-orbit satellite to test ion engines The universe may be full of ex-moons flung from their home worlds 2018 preview: Epic mission to Mercury will unravel its mysteries Space-time and gravity might be born from the quantum world Earth was smashed by a rock the size of Mars to make the moon Parallel universes could solve a big problem with black holes Exclusive: NASA has begun plans for a 2069 interstellar mission NASA plans a launch to Titan or a return to comet 67P in 2025 Mars rocks may have drunk up all the water and doomed life there Why complex life could prove remarkably common in the universe 2018 preview: Return to the moon as eight missions are planned Planet X: We are closing in on the solar system’s new occupant

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Week of January 14, 2018 'All Space Questions' thread Images taken from 5 different places within our solar system Images of Venus’ surface by Soviet Venera probes in 1981 Mars Volcano Died at Same Time As Dinosaurs according to a new computer model RocketLab's Electron Rocket has successfully achieved orbit! Robert Ward holds the largest of 3 meteorites he's found from Tuesday night's Detroit Fireball. He works with teams that travel the world in search of meteorites. An Atlas V rocket streaking away from Florida’s Space Coast Drink Water in Space. The Bacubirito meteorite is Mexico’s finest and one of the largest single space objects to have been sent on a collision course with the Earth and survived. Estimated to weigh 22 tonnes, this crooked, 4 metre long slab of iron is on display at the Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa in Culiacan, Mexico Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin! (b. Jan 20, 1930)... Space Pioneer Rocket Lab put a rocket into orbit today for the first time. They have come a long way from their first launch 8 years ago. Braved -25C temps last month to capture the Geminid Meteor Shower. December 13/14 2017. Philae took this amazing shot of the Rosetta+Philae spacecraft as they flew by Mars Half sized model of Curiosity in the Museum of Industrial Culture in Nuremberg An incredible display of asymmetrical fury: Closeup image I shot of the RD-180 engine and single AJ-60A solid rocket booster powering last night's Atlas V rocket launch. [OC] Corona from the 2017 Total Eclipse - only took me three months to get around to post-processing ~smile~ (album and time-lapse animation in the comments) The Gemind meteor shower over Florida's Space Coast Mars Colonization Game coming soon! [OC] SpaceX Falcon Heavy vertical on the pad for wet dress rehearsal ahead of its first static fire test (album in comments) Wonderful Map Shows Surface Area of Planets as Though They Were Continents "I believe I can fly" - Nikon ad by Anton Shkaplerov. #ISS An attempt at shooting Orion Nebula with an untracked setup and a telephoto lens at f/5.6 Buran-Energia : The Soviet Space Shuttle 2.0 on a Moon Rocket

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Tech Support Thread - January 21, 2018 Suggest-A-Game Weekend Thread - January 20, 2018 NieR: Automata has not received a single PC patch in ten months, still suffers from mediocre PC controls | DSOGaming We live in an era of PC gaming where buying prebuilts is cheaper than individual parts... Minecraft Sold 144 Million Copies and Has 74 Million Active Users Metal Gear Survive has microtransactions and requires constant online connection Angels Fall First Trailer 2018 Good Design, Bad Design Vol. 2 - Great & Terrible Video Game Graphic Design Examples A way out will be released on March 23, 2018 For Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Rainway is now officially released PC Game discounts for the weekend Battalion enters CBT ( but really its a stress test ) Today! Early access this feb 1st ! Piko Piko Girl - Trailer іs thе аrеа bеhіnd mу sсrееn brіght еnоugh, оr dоеs іt nееd tо bе еvеn brіghtеr tо mаtсh thе dіsрlау brіghtnеss? Are there any benefits to keeping your games on an external hard drive? Faeland Gameplay Teaser Trailer The Steam Community has a problem with unethical Artwork Designers Denuvo 4.8 has been cracked! 50 Cent Has Ideas For Another Video Game Nvidia is asking retailers to stop selling to miners Can we all take a moment to appreciate how good vibration is in the F1 games? 'Theme Hospital' Was a Satire of the Terrible American Healthcare System First screenshots of Forsaken EX Call of Duty: WW2 is adding prop hunt and the classic Demolition game mode for a limited time Have any of you experienced headaches from using fast sync on an Nvidia GPU? Heroes of Might and Magic III Review | Patrician's Choice™ TBS Game Genital Jousting’s final cut thrusts into the limelight with story mode