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Police Release Video of Fatal Uber Autonomous Car Collision Zuckerberg on Cambridge Analytica situation Protecting Security Researchers The Tale of Theranos and the Mysterious Fire Alarm Tempe Police posts video from March 18 Uber AV fatal accident Using old laptop batteries to build homemade powerwalls Google Cloud Armor Hennessy and Patterson win Turing Award California should emulate Tokyo, where housing stayed ahead of population growth Facebook Is Not the Internet's Only Privacy Villain Wyoming Passes Forward-Thinking Computer Science Education Bill Zuckerberg Has No Way Out of Facebook's Quagmire YouTube and Reddit roll out new restrictions including channel and sub bans The Glory That Was Yahoo YouTube Will ‘Frustrate’ Some Users with Ads So They Pay for Music Introducing the LineageOS SDK Peer review: the end of an error? The Consciousness Deniers Dejavu – Web UI for Elasticsearch Direct X Raytracing: Further Unification Hawking to Be Buried in Westminster Abbey “Joy of Cooking” versus the Food Scientist Poland's economic experiment based on Thomas Piketty The stability implications of the US nukes' burst-height compensating super-fuze Airborn: Create and edit f​iles online​, securely Tell HN: I just wanted to say: thank you, Hacker News VoiceOps is hiring engineers and salespeople in SF to build AI for b2b voice data Big Other: Surveillance Capitalism and Prospects of an Information Civilization America’s Misguided War on Childhood Lead Exposures Pointing machine

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Unterwasserroboter bewegt sich wie ein Fisch Dropbox peilt größeren Börsengang an Datenschutzpanne: Siri plaudert versteckte Nachrichten aus World of Tanks: Mega-Update 1.0 bringt stark verbesserte Grafik, neuen Soundtrack, neue Karte Microsoft Azure: Access Control Service wird eingestellt Bitcoin: Forscher finden Kinderpornographie in der Blockchain Für Sea of Thieves: Nvidia veröffentlicht Grafiktreiber GeForce 391.24 WHQL Google erweitert die Android-API zur Aktivitätserkennung Entwicklungsumgebung Eclipse Oxygen.3: Leistungsverbesserungen bei Java und PHP Mining-Trojaner lauern auf Github Think 2018: IBM gewinnt Apple für Watson EU-Kommission will härtere Steuerregeln für Internet-Riesen Windows Server 2019: hybride Clouds, mehr Container, mehr Linux DirectX-Raytracing-Erweiterung für 3DMark kommt: erste Technikdemo Salesforce kauft Mulesoft Artec Ray: Neuer Laserscanner soll auch Windturbinen und Flugzeuge erfassen Facebook-Skandal: EU-Datenschützer fordert schärfere Regulierung der datengetriebenen Wirtschaft Google will angeblich VR-Spezialisten Lytro kaufen Chinesisches Raumlabor Tiangong-1 stürzt ab: Gefahr durch Trümmer eher gering Osterangebote: Kopfhörer, Rechner und Xbox-Bundles Deutschland will DNA-Phänotypisierung für polizeiliche Zwecke legalisieren Bundesverband Glasfaseranschluss mahnt zügigen Ausbau des Glasfasernetzes in Gewerbegebieten an Abgas-Skandal: Razzia bei BMW Ryzenfall, Fallout & Co: AMD bestätigt Sicherheitslücken in Ryzen- und Epyc-Prozessoren Deutsche Telekom erhöht Aktienanteil an griechischer Telekom OTE Eggbot mit Arduino und Fischertechnik selber bauen – so geht’s Cinema LED Screen: Erstes europäisches Kino mit Bildwand statt Projektion "Discokugel im All": Humanity Star verglüht schon diese Woche

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Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban X-Post /r/IAmA I'm Kathryn Harrison, Director of Global Offering Management for IBM Blockchain answering questions LIVE from Think 2018, Ask Me Anything about blockchain and crypto! Facebook Just Lost More Than Tesla's Entire Market Cap in Two Days You're not Facebook's customer. You're Facebook's product. A “tamper-proof” currency wallet just got trivially backdoored by a 15-year-old Facebook is Working With ISPs to Kill California Privacy Rules The co-founder of WhatsApp just told everyone to delete Facebook If You're Pissed About Facebook's Privacy Abuses, You Should Be Four Times As Angry At The Broadband Industry AT&T suffers another blow in court over throttling of “unlimited” data Facebook’s Stock Tumbles Again, Value Drops By More Than $50 Billion How to backup and fully delete your Facebook accounts How Congress Censored the Internet -- The U.S. Senate just voted to pass SESTA/FOSTA, a bill that silences online speech by forcing Internet platforms to censor their users All the URLs you need to block to *actually* stop using Facebook Users Abandon Facebook After Cambridge Analytica Findings South Korea fines Facebook $369K for slowing user Internet connections. Former Facebook employees sold their shares before the social network's stock take a real hit YouTube is banning gun videos. Now they're reappearing on Pornhub. Mark Zuckerberg has been sent a formal request to appear before MPs and answer questions regarding a growing scandal about user data Why have we given up our privacy to Facebook and other sites so willingly WhatsApp Co-Founder, Who Made Billions from Facebook, Says It's Time to #DeleteFacebook Zuck and Sandberg go M.I.A. as Congress summons Facebook leadership by name Congress oks sex trafficking bill that critics say will “censor the Internet” Whistleblower says Steve Bannon was at the heart of Cambridge Analytica’s data collection operation. Meet the woman who saved Stephen Hawking's voice, and then gave the technology away to those in need What happens when an algorithm cuts your health care

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Dark radiation may fix our broken understanding of the universe The universe may end in a collision with a bubble of nothingness Why the big bang was not the beginning Astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell explores Bach’s cosmic music Mystery of neutrino masses may be explained by dark matter force Jupiter’s Great Red Spot keeps getting less great and less red AI has spotted nearly 7000 undiscovered craters on the moon Hawking’s global warnings divided opinion but the world listened Dwarf planet Ceres has a water cycle but it’s not like Earth’s Stephen Hawking at 70: Exclusive interview Weird crystals could grow on Titan and help alien life thrive The sun’s mysteriously hot corona may be due to invisible plasma Stunning shot of Jupiter’s swirling storms taken by Juno camera We’ve just spotted the brightest mystery radio burst from space Start-up accused of launching mini satellites without permission Ancient black holes may have made the first stars look cool We could find advanced aliens by looking for their space junk A mountain range on Saturn’s moon Iapetus may be a former ring Truth before beauty: Our universe is uglier than we thought Start-up aims to catapult stuff to space without using rockets NASA’s huge planet-hunting space telescope likely delayed again The moon may have formed in a vaporised, doughnut-shaped Earth We may have already found signs of alien microbes on Enceladus We have found traces of the universe’s first ever stars Why 2018 is looking like it will be the year of the black hole Weird particle soup may have formed stars in the early universe You could survive falling into a black hole but it may get weird Was SpaceX launch about progress in space, or just a giant ad? Oceans on alien worlds may form when the air explodes in flames Suns and daughters: The family tree that may unite all the stars

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Week of March 18, 2018 'All Space Questions' thread Breaking: Steven Hawking has died at age 76. Stephen Hawking's ashes will sit near graves of Newton and Darwin. An astronomical telegram, used to alert the astronomical community of new phenomena in the space, was the source of a big laugh today in the field I’m Bill Diamond and I have the coolest job in the world – I’m the President and CEO of the SETI Institute. AMA. Yerkes Observatory will cease operations on October 1, 2018. The historic observatory, which captured the first image of Pluto in 1909, was also where Edwin Hubble carried out his doctoral research. Scientists plan to use high powered lasers to track and shoot away space junk - Australian researchers have developed a photon pressure laser that "is able to nudge space debris objects around, change their orbits." Do we have a picture of what moon-humans would call a solar eclipse? US-Russian crew blasts off for International Space Station Equinox in about 4 hours and 40 minutes First space mission dedicated to exoplanet atmospheres gets green light Exoplanet Search Turns Up 15 New Alien Worlds, and One May Have Water Evidence that a star disturbed prehistoric solar system comets Relativity Space reveals its ambitions with big NASA deal Mission to an Interstellar Asteroid Comets are still reeling from a star that sideswiped the Solar System 70,000 years ago What NASA loses without a permanent leader Astronomers can’t figure out why some black holes got so big so fast Using NASA’s Telescope to Get Better Understanding of Interstellar Water A Hungry Black Hole Devoured a Star, and Its 'Burp' Reveals How It Chowed Down Japanese government launches $940 million fund for space start-ups Strongest Fast Radio Burst Signal From Space Captured In Australia Wandering Rogue Moons May Be As Common As Stars Two NASA Astronauts Among Crew Heading to International Space Station (ARCA Space Corporation) Introduction to Abuse of Power and Rights Violations by New Mexico Investigators Bloomberg: There’s a New Cold War Brewing in Space

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Recommended compiler and linker flags for GCC [Article] Project from Hell Introducing the free, live, React.js Bootcamp A cheat sheet for Azure vs. AWS data services comparison purposes. Python – Writing Functions – Complete Guide John Hennessy and David Patterson will receive the 2017 ACM A.M. Turing Award Make your way through the git (rebase) jungle with git machete! Java 10 released! Proposal: Versioned Go Modules Cutelyst 2, a Qt/C++ web framework, released with HTTP/2 support User-defined Order in SQL John Hennessy and David Patterson win the 2017 Turing Award What even is Apache Kafka Nix: A Reproducible Setup for Linux and macOS Programmer as wizard, programmer as engineer Typescript Redux Example that ACTUALLY works with type-safety (no any types). Builds with Parcel. tabr - create guitar tablature ("tabs") from R code with tabr. The tabr package provides programmatic music notation and a wrapper around LilyPond for creating quality guitar tablature Scaffold REST APIs with Typescript, Express, and Swagger - Features automatic request validation and interactive API doc Toxic Management Cost an Award-Winning Game Studio Its Best Developers - The Story of Telltale Games Tabs vs Spaces: Towards a Better Bike Shed How to write powerful schemas in JavaScript – freeCodeCamp Building a HackerNews Clone in VueJS Project Loom: Fibers and Continuations for the Java Virtual Machine with Ron Pressler Perl 6 - Introduction to application programming The Wide World of Actors, or, Can I Have an Erlang Pony?

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Community Survy I think its time to push open source alternatives to Facebook. I know that's a long shot but now is the best time. what du you think? Join Peertube : A federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in the web browser How do you patch your OSS? encounter - Simple but powerful social events planner with instant messaging Designing for Open Source Software It is time to audit OpenSSL 1.1.1 (the first version with TLS 1.3) OSTIF needs your help! AMA LibreCAD 3 is preparing for Google Summer of Code 2018 The Importance of QA The Internet of Everything (Reimagining The Smart Suite) BulkPDF - Populate PDF forms automatically Red Hat could be a Google takeover target – a deal wouldn't be cheap The ability to correct errors in GPLv2 compliance: the right thing to do Most popular programming languages among developers 2018 Interactive diagramming application for Rails Feed the dog and close the door with an open source home automation system pidtree - 🚸Cross platform children list of a PID. [Testers Appreciated] Make your GraphQL API Easier To Adopt Through Components LG open sources webOS Intel AI: nGraph, A New Open Source Compiler for Deep Learning Systems I made a simple survey/trivia webapp with live response tallying, because I couldn't find anything open source and self-hostable that did the job. Microsoft joins group working to 'cure' open-source licensing issues CA Technologies, Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, SAP, and SUSE commit to providing a cure period for correcting license compliance issues in GPLv2 software How to install Snipe-IT on Ubuntu 16.04 on AWS Free Tier (Updated & Tested!) Heimdall: Open Source enhanced HTTP Client in GO Looking for open source property management/accounting software

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Tech Support Thread - March 19, 2018 What Are You Playing Thread - March 20, 2018 The Stanley Parable creator wants his next game to defy the rules of games Officially confirmed, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom will not be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech Windows Steam App Now Supports High DPI Scaling For Windows 10 Creators Update Artifact gets an official Steam Store page HITMAN - Spring Pack (FREE Sapienza!) A Way Out Official Game Trailer Warframe Documentary (Part Two) - Noclip Sea of thieves review by ACG Lethal League is free on Fanatical CD Projekt Red aquires "Strange New Things" studio to open a new division — CD PROJEKT RED Wrocław to bolster development of Cyberpunk 2077 9 Monkeys of Shaolin — Official Announce Trailer The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Cinematic Teaser What's the best PC game of all time. (In your opinion?) A reason to be a pcgamer. MW2 with no multiplayer, what is the point? Added a Demo for The Long Reach adventure game on Steam. Would love for you to try it Pato Box — Released on Steam Riot, Blizzard, And Twitch Are Teaming Up To Fight Toxic Gaming Behavior Our 50th Update, Alpha Milestone - Medieval Kingdom Wars (for your Stronghold fix) No HDR for Sea of Thieves? Getting Drunk With Satan in Afterparty Trailer Next game from the Oxenfree developer Night School Studio AMD Confirms CTS-Labs Exploits: All To Be Patched In Weeks ARMA 3 LAWS OF WAR DLC RAISES $176,667 FOR CHARITY Gamasutra - How Platinum designed and tuned Nier: Automata to 'feel' good Hollow Knight - 34% Off. Lots of content with a 3rd free DLC on the horizon. IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blotz Edition - version 4.53 is live

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Blacklist to block facebook Are Bounty Programs Good as a Security Against Hackers? | CCG Cambridge Analytica Used ProtonMail to Hide Email Paper Trails The AG of India defends the security of the national biometric database by saying that the data center has walls around the place :/ Best password manager? Tracking Users with CSS The Legitimisation of Have I Been Pwned Second round of SecOps Tool Bracketology. Vote on your favorites by March 23rd! 15-Year-old Finds Flaw in Ledger Crypto Wallet Kaspersky's 'Slingshot' report burned an ISIS-focused intelligence operation What does your home network setup looks like? Google brings DDoS protection and other new security features to its cloud A flaw in Ledger Crypto Wallets could allow to drain your cryptocurrency accounts. Fix it! World’s Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks — Information is Beautiful Security In 5: Episode 199 - The Top 5 Challenges Of Meeting GDPR How secure is Mobile Pay? Telegram App Under The Gun In Russia After Supreme Court Ruling. Why Cyberattacks Happen and how to Stop it? Expedia's Orbitz Says 880,000 Payment Cards Compromised in Security Breach Utility to generate similar IDN domain names and block them at the email stage. When Less is More in Cybersecurity DDoS Attacks Are $10 per Hour on the Dark Web The NSA Worked to “Track Down” Bitcoin Users, Snowden Documents Reveal Facebook's head of security Alex Stamos 'leaving over fake news' Revealed: 8 most dangerous scams to watch for this year - and how to stay safe