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Bell, Telus to use Nokia and Ericsson, not Huawei, in building their 5G networks Last Person to Receive Civil War-Era Pension Dies A Git Repo to Document Police Brutality During the 2020 George Floyd Protests Never-before-seen “black nitrogen” plugs puzzle in periodic table P2P Matrix Sharedrop: HTML5 clone of Apple's AirDrop – easy P2P file transfer powered by W How to write a toy JVM Running Awk in parallel to process 256M records People think they're calling restaurants directly but Grubhub is getting a fee Snakeware – Linux distro with Python userspace inspired by Commodore 64 Thousands are monitoring police scanners during the George Floyd protests DEA authorized to conduct surveillance on protestors Refactor vs. Rewrite The Italian Covid contact-tracing app is now developed in open source Times New Roman alternatives: You can do better (2013) The Rise and Fall of Commercial Smalltalk Interpreter for the original Xerox Smalltalk-80 virtual image (C++/Qt) Papers with Code Acme – A framework for distributed reinforcement learning Understanding Programs Using Graphs A Nix terminology primer by a newcomer Writing to the Framebuffer Science without Validation in a World without Meaning Bitcoin Mining’s Three Body Problem Police attacks against journalists across the U.S. since May 28 How to ensure that your program does not run under Windows 95 (1995) [pdf] Cannabis and Frankincense at the Judahite Shrine of Arad Die photos and analysis of the revolutionary 8008 microprocessor (2016) Building binary deb packages: a practical guide Show HN: Street View Simple – Explore Street View Data in a Browser

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heise+ | Fotopraxis: Food-Fotografie im Schmeichellicht TechStage | Nokia 1.3 im Test: Billigheimer für Minimalisten 5G: Telefónica Deutschland baut Kernnetz mit Ericsson TechStage | Speaker, LEDs, Mähroboter & Co.: Die coolsten Garten-Schnäppchen "Black Out Tuesday" in Apple-Apps Kurz informiert: Hackathon, Robotik-Konferenz, Facebook, Open Source heise+ | Professionelles Präsentieren: Aah und Ooh statt Gähn und Seufz Abgasbetrug: DUH erstreitet Akteneinsicht im Verkehrsministerium Mobilitätsplattform: Straßen aufrüsten fürs automatisierte Fahren Frankreich gibt Staatskedit für Renault frei SoftwareArchitekTOUR-Podcast, Episode 73: Technische Schulden Firefox 77 ist da: Weitere WebRender-Verfügbarkeit und Zertifikat-Ansicht Desktop-Prozessoren: Intel lässt CPU-Serie Core i-8000 auslaufen Grundrechte-Report: Wenn die Polizei falsch twittert und sich nicht filmen lässt Microsoft ersetzt Journalisten durch Künstliche Intelligenz Erstes MacBook Pro mit Retina-Display angeblich bald "obsolet" AddTrust: Probleme durch abgelaufenes Root-Zertifkat Open Library: Verlage verklagen Internet Archive wegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen Künstliche Intelligenz: 175 Milliarden Parameter und dennoch Stereotype heise+ | Geplanter Erfolg: Projekte managen mit Merlin HP Omen: AMD schafft es in HPs Premium-Gaming-Notebooks Internetanalyse: Cisco will ThousandEyes übernehmen heise-Angebot: Die eigene Cloud Apple-Zubehör: Powerbeats Pro mit neuen Farben, frische Watch-Bänder im Anflug Big Data Tools: JetBrains gibt Plug-in für IntelliJ, PyCharm und DataGrip frei "Valorant": Riots neuer Shooter verlässt die Beta-Phase Facebook: Mitarbeiter "streiken" wegen Zuckerbergs Haltung zum Trump-Post Schadcode und DoS-Attacken: Gefährliche Lücken in VMware Cloud Director & Co. heise-Angebot: Programmierpraxis: Code besser verstehen mit C++ Insights heise+ | Neo und AdNW: Alternative Tastaturbelegungen unter Windows, Linux und macOS

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Mars’s moon Phobos may someday turn back into a ring around the planet The entire universe may once have been spinning all over the place NASA and SpaceX launch astronauts into new era of private spaceflight The Milky Way may have been shrunk down by ancient magnetic fields Why it's better to fall into a big black hole, and other bizarre facts The amazing Antarctic discovery that could tell us how Earth was made Strange radio signals reveal the matter hiding between galaxies SpaceX to make history launching NASA astronauts on a private rocket Space Force review: The sitcom is almost as comical as the real thing The sun may have formed because a small galaxy passed by the Milky Way The surprising benefits of contemplating the death of the universe A large moon might be hugging an object in the outer solar system NASA's Artemis Accords aim to lay down the law of the land on the moon We've found the oldest ever galaxy that looks like our own Mars may be covered in mud volcanoes disguised as lava flows Strange 'space cow' explosion may have been the birth of a black hole Women in space: The glorious past – and future – of female astronauts ESA spacecraft might accidentally fly through the tail of a comet Why space junk is such a big problem Exploring the solar system Life on Mars: Could we build a home on the Red Planet? The inside story on 'Oumuamua and other interstellar worlds Stars in the Milky Way's centre often get dangerously close together A large chunk of Mercury may have been blown away by the sun The moon is emitting carbon, raising questions about how it was formed You can 'see' the closest known black hole to Earth with the naked eye An ancient river on Mars may have flowed for 100,000 years China just tested a spacecraft that could fly to the moon and beyond I'm a space archaeologist studying junk strewn across the solar system SpaceX mission control to do social distancing for first crewed flight

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Family affairs: Everyone learns they can’t go home again in Killing Eve S3 The Last of Us Pt. 2 hands-on: You can’t pet the dog—but you can expect terror Game companies delay events, tweet #BlackLivesMatter amid police brutality protests New study challenges popular “collapse” hypothesis for Easter Island One Zoom to rule them all: Lord of the Rings cast reunites to share memories PS5 game reveal event has been delayed: “Not a time for celebration” [Updated] 30 years later, a lost Days of Thunder NES game recovered from 21 floppy disks Google’s “overpromising” led to Stadia “disappointment,” says RDR2 publisher Good podcast vibes for the nerdy set: Our recent faves in science, research Dearth of women in classic Hollywood was result of studio system, study finds The Vast of Night is an alien encounter film like no other The Ars verdict is in: Space Force is the best new series of 2020 (so far) US court grants permission to recover Marconi telegraph from Titanic wreckage Lego brings out a $380, 3,969-piece Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 kit HBO Max is live: $15/mo for a massive library, significant headaches Scientists discover that four “blank” Dead Sea Scrolls actually have text Which Batmobile is best? This documentary looks at all Batman’s rides Audi parks driver for using a ringer in charity esports race Minecraft Dungeons review: A smashing good Diablo clone for any age I laughed a lot at Netflix’s Space Force, but my inner space wonk cried